Location: Goshen, IN

OSMC Medical Facilities

Goshen, Indiana

Middlebury, Indiana

Nappanee, Indiana


"Their focus on communication and meeting the needs of the client has been unwavering."

Donald T. Hammond

We began working with Milestone Construction, Inc., specifically John Kolton, in the summer of 2006 for the construction of a 10,000 square foot physician office practice and physical and occupational therapy facility in Nappanee, Indiana. We have continued to work with Milestone Construction through the completion of our Nappanee facility in April 2007, and at the current time we are completing the construction of a similar facility in Middlebury, Indiana. During this two-year time period I have personally worked very closely with the owners and key staff members of Milestone Construction and have found them to be the utmost professionals. As with any major project, challenges present themselves. The successful firms find solutions for those challenges, Milestone Construction is that kind of company. In addition, their focus on communication and meeting the needs of the client has been unwavering. Cost is always a concern when undertaking any construction project. I'm happy to say that with both projects, the components of the projects within their control not only came in on-time, but at budget. Based upon my personal and professional experience with Milestone Construction on these two projects, we would definitely use their firm in the future. I am pleased to provide Milestone Construction with the strongest and most positive of recomendations.